Where to go for a trip

Here are some places which you should not fail to visit.

Montanregion Krušné hory
- part of the UNESCO heritage list

Discover the mining region of the Erzgebirge / Ore Mountains, which has been inscribed to the UNESCO World Heritage Site since 6 July 2019.

It consists of 22 parts, which altogether show the evolution of the local mining activities during past 800 years.

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Trail Park Klínovec

Start at the top of the Klínovec mountain and follow the trails of four difficulties, all of which end at the chair-lift. This will comfortably take you back down, even with your bike. Children and beginners can definitely handle the easiest difficulty.

The network of the mountain bike trails, with a four-seat chair-lift, offers 30 km of trails of varying difficulty and 70 km of mountain bike trails marked by forest roads. It belongs definitely to the longest continuously descending trails in Europe..

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The Royal Mint

...was established in 1520 after the Šlik family got the right to mint coins.

Today, the building houses a museum with an extensive exhibition - "Jáchymov in the Mirror of Time". Part of the exhibition is a cellar, where there is a lapidary of valuable stone elements from the demolished houses in Jáchymov

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Latin school library

Visit a unique exhibition of old prints and manuscripts, placed in the cellars of the Jáchymov town hall. Most of the volumes date from the beginning of the 16th century. Among others, the collection includes Old Testament from the 13th century and fragments of texts from the beginning of the 12th century.

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Shaft No.1 Jáchymov

Monuments for the extraction of silver and uranium ores include the Shaft No. 1 and the neighboring mine Svornost. The excavation took place here in the years 1952 – 1953.

The length is 230 m and one of the side corridors intersects the historical silver-bearing vein named Evangelist.

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