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It goes without saying that the relaxing stays in Jáchymov do not merely consist of spa procedures. Both the joint-stock company Léčebné lázně Jáchymov, as well as the city of Jáchymov and the surrounding cities and towns, offer a wide range of activities for your leisure time. Both lovers of sports and of culture will be satisfied.

Nordic walking

nordic walkingDo you like nature, do you like to wander in deep forests and do you prefer movement outdoors rather than sitting, for instance, in a café? Then the completely new programme Nordic Walking was made just for you. Not only do you have the chance to spend some time in the beautiful nature of the Krušné Mountains region, but you will also do something beneficial for your health. Nordic Walking is a type of athletic walking that utilises specially designed poles, producing a very effective movement and an easy way to improve the condition of your health for everyone at any age and physical condition. While using the specially designed poles, the body burns up to 40% more calories than during normal walking and engages 90% of all muscles. It strengthens the cardiovascular system, has beneficial effects on the respiratory system and tones lumbar, back, neck and shoulder muscles. Thanks to the poles, joint stress is reduced by up to 30%, thus reducing the danger of injury.

Come and try one of two alternatives that the Jáchymov Spa Town offer. Set out with your friends on a one-hour excursion into the close surroundings under the guidance of an experienced trainer, who will teach you the basics of this beloved sport, especially popular and renowned in other countries. Those who are more experienced can rent the special poles and go on a walk by themselves. In any case, you will not be sorry.

Group Lesson Nordic Walking, under the guidance of a skilled trainer (1 hour)

there must be at least 4 people in each group, a maximum of 9 people allowed

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
3:30 p.m.
50,- CZK/per person/1 lesson

Orders and payment at the receptions of individual spa sanatoriums. Departure at 3:00 p.m. from the sports complex under the LS Radium Palace.

Individual excursions Nordic Walking

rental fee:

25,- CZK per person/1 hour
refundable deposit:
200,- CZK/person

In order to rent the poles, one must present a hotel identity card. Orders and payment directly at the manager of the sports complex – tel. 5050.

Tennis – behind the LS Radium Palace


Opening Hours:
June till October (by weather)
7:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Services Price List:

rental of tennis court
150,- CZK
rental of 2 pcs tennis rackets and a ball
100,- CZK
refundable deposit for keys to the sports complex
200,- CZK

Reservations and payment at the LS Radium Palace reception

Mountain bikes

kolaRental price of one mountain bike:

up to 1 hour
50,- CZK
1 to 5 hours
130,- CZK
5 – 10 hours
250,- CZK

Reservations and payment: tel: 353 831 789

Fitness and Solarium – Kurhaus Agricola

Monday and Friday
10:00 - 20:00
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
14:00 – 20:00
10:00 – 14:30

Fitness 60,- CZK
60 Min
Solarium 6,- CZK
1 Min

Minigolf – under the balustrades of LS Radium Palace


Opening Hours:
April till October (by weather)
Monday - Friday
13.00 – 18.00 hour
Saturday – Sunday
9.00 – 18.00 hour

Service Price List:

50,- CZK / hour
25,- CZK / hour
rental of 1 club and 1 ball

Reservations and payment at the complex manager.

Table skittles – Petangue

Table skittles

Opening Hours:
April till October (by weather)
Monday - Friday
13.00 – 18.00 hour
Saturday – Sunday
9.00 – 18.00 hour

Entry fees to the group of sports grounds including rental of sports gear:

20,- CZK / hour
children up to 15 years
10,- CZK / hour

Reservations and payment directly at the complex manager.

Parlour games

Parlour gamescan be borrowed at the reception of the spa sanatoriums Radium Palace, Akademik Běhounek, Curie – for free

LS Radium Palace
Eurokvíz, Spiele Magazin – collection of board games, dice, checkers, chess, “Člověče, nezlob se (Come on then, don’t be angry)!”
LS Ak. Běhounek
cards, “Člověče, nezlob se (Come on then, don’t be angry)!”, chess, checkers, dominoes, dice,collection of board games
LS Curie
dice, chess, cards, “Člověče, nezlob se (Come on then, don’t be angry)!”