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2019 Opening of the 113th Spa Season in Jáchymov

The ceremonial opening of the spa season took place during the weekend of 25-26 May 2019. In contrast to the other spa towns, these festivities were not organised by the town, but by the spa itself. The main cultural programme was again planned for Saturday. It climaxed with the traditional parade with allegorical floats, front-lined by the Jáchymov miners. This year, the theme of mining in Jáchymov was emphasised by the opening of the Agricola Sauna Mine. This is a unique complex of saunas in the Agricola Spa Centre, which is inspired by the history of mining in Jáchymov. It is also the first “dug-out” mine in the region after a long period of 62 years, as well as the second mine of the spa, which draws its therapeutic radon water from the oldest operated mine in Central Europe, the Svornost Mine.

On the occasion of the ceremonial opening of the sauna mine, the General Director of the Léčebné lázně Jáchymov Company, MUDr. Eduard Bláha, “knighted” Project Manager Dita Poledníčková, who stood at the helm of the remodelling of the spa centre, as the Mine Foreman with the assistance of the miners. Together, they then opened an exhibition mapping the history of the spa industry in Jáchymov, and buried a time capsule with a message for future generations.

Among other things, the capsule contains samples of rocks from Svornost Mine, mineral water with data about the measured radon content, a photograph of the current management, and a letter from the General Director. You can find a copy of the letter attached.

Along with the sauna mine, the company also presented its entirely new and modern glass restaurant with a summer terrace at the Astoria Spa Hotel, providing its guests with unique contact with the spa park and waterfall.

The entire festive day was topped off by a concert of the awesome Slovak group, Silband, held in Radium Palace Spa Hotel, and by festive fireworks.


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