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Spa Hotels Retained the EurospaMed Quality Certificate


The highest standard of quality in the spa business is a satisfied client who feels better and who repeatedly returns to the spa. There are some awards, however, that serve as a guarantee for those visitors who do not yet have their own experiences to draw upon. Trained independent auditors carry out the inspections, and the certification is given on the basis of international regulations. Thanks to this, there is a uniform certification system valid for all of Europe, which ensures transparency and quality regardless of the borders between states.

Auditors play the role of the client, the technician and spa attendant, the hotel and spa manager, and thus they see what goes on behind the scenes. The EuropeSpa certification applies to the sectors of service, safety, hygiene, and infrastructure, since these areas are comparable throughout Europe, no matter the country. The re-certification audit process took place in Jáchymov in May 2018. We are very pleased that we have passed this test and thus have repeatedly proved that we can boast of the same quality as that of the best European spa facilities.