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The Jáchymov and Luhačovice spas – places from the opposite ends of the Czech Republic – both with unique natural resources improving the health of all satisfied visitors for over one hundred years.
As Jáchymov Spa and Luhačovice Spa belong to the largest spa group in the country, we briefly introduce the largest spa in Moravia and its offer at the end of this pricelist.

Located at the opposite ends of the country, both spas have been improving the health of spa guests for more than a century with the aid of their rare natural resources. Jáchymov spa offers unique treatment of the musculoskeletal system in the beautiful ambience of the Ore Mountains. Luhačovice Spa offers well-proven treatment of the respiratory system in the ambience of a picturesque valley with promenades and spa buildings designed by acclaimed architect Dušan Jurkovič. Together, our spas offer spa treatment for the widest spectrum of diseases with more than 2,000 beds for adults and 200 beds for children.

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