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Save the time box

On the occasion of finishing the construction of the sauna world, which is the last stage of developments in the aqua-centre of the Agricola Spa Centre, the General Director of the company, MUDr. Eduard Bláha, assisted by his colleagues and supervised by the mining guard, buried a time capsule into the wall of this building, which is the eldest building in Jáchymov Spa. Aside from a letter with a message for future generations, it also contains, for example, a sample of the therapeutic radon water from Jáchymov with data from the measurements of radon activity, a sample of the ore from Svornost Mine, a photograph of the company, daily newspapers, printed media from the spa and town, a replica of the Jáchymov tolar, current coins, also a local herbal liqueur, the project of the sauna mine, and a description of the history of the spa building.

The original Spa Building, known as the Kurbäderhaus, played a key role in the central spa. In it, baths and drinking cures were administered, and it became the cornerstone of the developing Spa Quarter. A similar impulse for transforming some of the accommodation capacities and of spa services was sent out by the construction of the aqua-centre ten years ago, which connected the spa with the increasingly attractive and popular offers of the surrounding ski resorts. The aforementioned connection should be strengthened even more by the sauna world, inspired by the local nature and mining history, reflected in its appearance of a real mine. It was for this reason that the time capsule found its symbolic place under the statue of St. Barbara, the patron saint of miners.


Letter in Time Box - Jáchymov Spa (czech language)