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We Have Opened the Sauna Mine

To take saunas is a popular method of staying healthy and vital. Aside from the benefits of the procedure itself, the effect is also significantly boosted by the overall environment. The architect and his fellow colleagues were inspired by the unique nature of the local countryside, and created their take on the theme of mines and the nature of the Ore Mountains. Therefore, what was originally known as the Sauna World came to be known as the SAUNA MINE.

We thus symbolically pay our respects to the miners who are, along with Svornost Mine, an irrevocable part of Jáchymov Spa. In the thematic “mine shaft” of the sauna, we can find a complex of various saunas, comprised of a steam sauna with a starry sky, a Finnish sauna with a heater shaped like a mining truck, an infrared sauna with a salt panel, and an herbal sauna. Visitors can cool off in the very desired plunge pool that carries the motif of the Ore Mountain rarity – the Kýšovice Falls. Cooling showers with numerous programmes ranging from drizzle to downpours are also at one’s disposal, complemented by a light show.

A whirlpool with a big-screen television and a relaxation programme is also part of the sauna area. You can rest in the resting room on heated ceramic benches, or in the dark resting room with a fireplace. You can access a small, outdoor resting terrace from the sauna mine, complete with a backdrop of planted herbs, or you can continue on to the rooftop terrace, enticing you to rest in the fresh air, enjoying the view of the surroundings. On one of the rooftop terraces, you can try out the so-called dry Kneipp treading pool on a barefoot path made of natural materials from the Ore Mountain region. At certain times, the ritual of hitting with branches to improve circulation is prepared for our guests as the only place in the Karlovy Vary region to do so. The entire Sauna Mine is guarded by the statue of St. Barbara – the patron saint of all miners – carved by a local woodcarver.

Part of the entire Agricola Spa Centre complex will be connecting the Aqua Centre with the lower part of the adjacent park, where a sun meadow, with a pleasant tanning zone, is planned. The entire project began to be prepared two years ago. The construction work of the sauna world took six months, and cost approximately CZK 25 million.