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The Jáchymov Spa provide quality and professional rehabilitation to clients with a broad spectrum of musculoskeletal diseases. Various methods of rehabilitation that help in each stage of the disease ensure pain relief.

We do our best to offer an individual approach to all who are treated in our facility. We select the most appropriate procedure based on examination we perform upon first contact with the client. We instruct, perfect the exercises you know from home, or we change the way of exercise and use of the body fundamentally in order to achieve the best possible alternative of movement, even if you have great difficulty moving because of pain.

Our team of 10 therapists uses these professional methods in their work:

  • Mobilization of the spine and peripheral joints Soft tissue techniques
  • Therapy based on developmental kinesiology (Vojta’s method)
  • Method by Dr. Smíšek (SM-System)
  • Therapy by L. Mojžíšová
  • Rozwita Brunkovová method
  • Acral coactivation therapy (ACT)
  • Reflexology
  • Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF)
  • Sensorimotor stimulation
  • Taping and kinezio-taping

These individual methods will help in various problems caused by muscle imbalance and overload of certain muscle groups. They include backache, root irritation in all sections and subsequent muscle atrophy (muscle wasting), peripheral and central paresis and other neurological diseases, rheumatic diseases of any nature, such as ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis, conditions after injuries and orthopaedic surgery (total hip or knee replacement, all kinds of arthroscopies), ligament pain in all the muscles (e.g. the “tennis elbow”). To make sure that everything contributes to the satisfaction of our clients, we also use resources such as group therapy in the swimming pool and gym. We use aids to diversify the exercise, both in water and on land (balls, dumbbells, overballs, therabands, bars, expanders). The rehabilitation in the Jáchymov Spa naturally also includes physical therapy. The entire spectrum of electrotherapy treatments and phototherapy (various forms of laser and bio-lamp) helps activate the healing process in tissues and thereby alleviate a large part of the pain at the beginning of your stay in our spa. 

Viliam Chovanec, chief physiotherapist of the Curie Spa