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Radon in Questions and Answers


Radon, or the isotope of radon 222, is a chemically internal gas that springs in the Ore Mountains and dissolves in underground springs. It is a source of soft ionizing alpha radiation. This enriched water is drawn by the Jachymov spa from the Svornost mine into its balneology facilities. At the radon bath, the body surface is exposed to an energy shower of radon alpha particles. And a chain of physiological responses that help to regenerate cells, accelerate healing and suppress inflammation processes are triggered. The radon treatment is very gentle and the treatments are also suitable for the spa guests of higher age. Professionally performed radon therapy can significantly reduce pain and drug use. The treatment improves the quality of life for 8-10 months.

Despite many scientific studies and thousands of satisfied clients, similar questions related to the safety of treatment and the quality of radon water arises. Some of the most common questions and answers you can read in this article.

Can radon be beneficial to our body?

Living organisms on Earth developed in conditions of ionizing radiation that at the beginning of life reached much higher levels of radioactivity than the natural environment today. A certain dose of radioactivity was necessary for the development of life and it is still true for its normal development nowadays.

Is radon water therapy safe?

Do not worry about radon water treatments. Based on measurements done by the State Office for Nuclear Safety, the upper estimate of the received dose can be quantified. For the longest treatment (24 baths for 20 minutes), the patient receives a dose of up to 0.02 mSv. A similar dose will be obtained, for example, in the chest X-ray in a standing position. Therapeutic Spa Jachymov plc. is a holder of the State Office for Nuclear Safety Certificate for the implementation of this treatment and for measures concerning the absolute safety of both the patient and the employees. Part of the Jachymov spa is a dosimetric laboratory, whose task is to supervise compliance with prescribed procedures for pumping radon water as well as subsequent radon baths in spa facilities. The radon content in both water and air is monitored regularly and thoroughly. Every guest is clinically and laboratory examined entering the spa hotel.

Is in the area of radon baths an increased risk of radon in the air?

The spa areas are equipped with a suction ventilation system. For this system was processed and confirmed by the State Office for Nuclear Safety a so-called Monitoring Program which is strictly checked every year. As part of the regular measurement of air by the SONS staff was found that, in order to meet the annual limit set by the law for the population (i.e. 1.2 mSv); one person could pass more than 800 baths per year to reach the maximum limit of inhalated radon in these areas.

Do bubbles in water affect the radon content and its amount?

Bubbles in the tub have nothing to do with radon. This is the air that sucks into the water when filling the tub. Radon is present in water in such a quantity that it is unable to create a single bubble in the bath. Interestingly, with a bath volume of 400 litters and radon activity in water of 5 kBq / l, the volume of radon is about 30 millionths mm3.

Is into the radon water adder water from the ordinary water system?

Into to the radon water is not adder water without radon. The only treatment that happens with water is that a part of the radon water is heated in the boiler rooms of the spa houses at a temperature of about 60 ° C and when the bath is filled, this heated radon water is mixed with unheated radon water (about 25 ° C) so that the resulting bathing temperature is about 35-36 ° C.

Is the amount of radon water limited? Is it necessary to dilute it?

The amount of radon water is sufficient and it is not necessary to dilute it because we use the source less than at 70%.

Why is it not possible to have less than 10 baths in radon water within the treatment program?

In order to the organism is able to respond to the treatment and start regeneration processes, it is necessary to complete at least ten baths. After the last bath, however, regeneration does not end, but continues for another four to six weeks. And how long will your pumped energy help out of pain? Sometimes for more than 8 months. In the majority of cases, the consumption of analgesics or other medicines also drops significantly.

Are the successes of radon therapy scientifically documented?

Are the successes of radon therapy scientifically documented?

A number of studies demonstrate this. Of the latest ones, we will mention the multicenter, randomized study of Dr. Frank from Bad Elster, Germany, from the year 2013. The results showed a significant pain relief in patients with osteoarthritis of the supporting joints after the end of treatment. In rheumatic inflammatory diseases, a significant reduction in long-term pain has been achieved.

Ing. Jiri Pihera

The head of the Svornost mine