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Radium Palace Spa hotel´s operation discontinued

The year 2016 is only in its first half but we are already thinking about its end, which most people associate with Christmas. It’ll be the same for us. A very important event – major repairs and investments – is ahead of us around the end of the year. That is why the Radium Palace will be closed in the period from 28 November 2016 to 7 January 2017. What do we plan to repair and improve in this operation break?

Fundamental changes will affect mainly the medical department in the area of radon baths and dry carbon dioxide baths, additional repairs will take place in the accommodation section. Reconstruction of the dry CO2 baths will involve a more significant change in the organization of the current CO2 baths treatments, underwater massages, and whirlpool baths of upper and lower extremities. Especially the dry CO2 baths layout should bring about greater convenience to our clients in the administration of this procedure with regard to their individual needs and intimacy, which could not be adequately secured so far. It will create a new space that will be airier with better spatial layout for both guests and staff. In the section of radon baths, replacement of floor and wall tiles is scheduled, along with a part of the radon water distribution, which is worn out and causes problems with administration of our main radon bath treatment. The left hand part of the department will be renovated so that the guests as well as the staff have ample space in both the application of the radon bath, and relaxation in a wrap. New cubicles will be set up in this section, as is the case in the current right-hand section of the department. During the reconstruction, the way of opening of the front doors of individual cubicles will be changed to inwards, which should resolve the issue with walking through a narrow corridor and risking injury due to a door opening, both of guests and staff. 

In the accommodation part, we will replace room windows on four floors, including the adjacent corridors. Design changes will take place in the rooms too. The preparation of these repairs and investments has been in process from the start of the year – discussions with architects, projects and budgets development, tenders for construction companies and suppliers.

We believe the innovations we are preparing will primarily improve the quality of our services and thus the satisfaction of our current returning clients and new guests.

Jaroslava Vlčková, Director
Alena Kostrejová, head nurse of the Radium Palace Spa Hotel