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New Radiological Pavilion

Jáchymov boxes - brachyradium therapy (BRT) - are the world rarity that it is used only in the Jáchymov Spa. This form of treatment has been carried out since 1911 in the Spa building. In 1921, for the purposes of the brachyradium therapy, the new pavilion was opened called Prozařovací (Radiographic). Today, it is known under the name Radiologický (Radiological) Pavilion. Originally, it offered 8 comfortably furnished rooms during the whole year. In 1969, the boxes treatment moved from the Spa Institute Astoria into the Heiner building. In the mid-70s, the Radiological Pavilion (formerly called Vyšetřovací ústav) underwent reconstruction, and the building served to the radiological therapy, diagnostics, and biochemical laboratory for many years. After the reconstruction in 2015, the pavilion was reopened on January 8, 2016. On the first floor, there is the brachyradium therapy department. The new rooms (11 single rooms and 1 double room) offer modern facilities and comfort. The brachyradium therapy workplace, doctor's office, and staff facilities underwent restoration as well. On the 2nd floor, there is the X-ray therapy where the X-ray therapy for non-malignant diseases takes place.

Who can undergo the BRT?

The brachyradium therapy can be undergone during the spa stay only on the recommendation of a physician or on the outpatient recommendation by your physician. The patients on the spa stay can take advantage of the transport to the therapy by the spa vehicle.

X-ray Therapy
  • very low doses of the X-ray radiation are used, especially for the treatment of joint pain
  • only on the recommendation of your spa physician or on the outpatient recommendation
  • the outpatient is invited based on his / her telephone order to a consultation with a specialist who will split the radiation of the affected area into several doses. Afterwards, the assistant and patient will agree on a particular date when the radiation will take place


opening hours:
Monday–Friday 7:00 am to 2:30 pm

Information and bookings on tel.: 353 831 371 - Radiological Pavilion / X-ray Therapy. The X-ray Therapy Department is out of operation in April 2016.