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Welcome again

Dear clients,

According to the last announcement of the Government of Czech Republic,we prepared following instructions for you.

Your stay can begin only when you fulfill one of the further conditions:

  • The PCR testhas to be no older than 72 days. Exceptions apply to the following categories of persons:
    • Children and youngsters up to18 years of age
    • Persons with indicated contraindications to Covid-19 vaccines – this information must have been entered into their health records (Czech Information System on Communicable Diseases)
    • Persons who are in the process of being vaccinated and have received at least the first dose of the two-dose series
    • 14 days have elapsed since the 2st dose of EU approved vaccine has been applied in the case of a 2-dose schedule
    • 14 days have elapsed since the 1st dose of EU approved vaccine has been applied in the case of a 1-dose schedule
    • Please carry the vaccination certificate with you!
No more than 180 days have elapsed since you have suffered from the the laboratory confirmed COVID-19 disease and since the first positive antigen or PCR test has been stated to you (medical report neccessary)No self-made tests are acceptable. Only tests carried out by professional medical staff are valid

Beforecheck-in you will be asked to sign the declaration and instructions.


A valid vaccination certificate (EU COVID Digital certificate), third-country certificates that were recognized as equivalent to the EU COVID digital certificate or recognized certificates from other countries are mandatory.

A valid certificate of recovery (no longer than 180 days after positive PCR test) and a negative PCR which must not be older than 72 hours, is required when entering Czech Republic. This rule is valid for all clients, even for the fully vaccinated ones or those who suffered from the Covid-19 in the last 180 days. An exception is carried our for vaccinated children younger than 18 years and for those who are vaccinated with a third booster dose. Entrants must carry the written test result with them. After entering the country, another PCR test must be carried out within 5 days (price approx. 814 CZK). Self-isolation is mandatory until the negative test result is obtained. Clients coming from high risk countries are obtained to stay in a 5 days self isolation after arrival. The test result must be sent to the responsible hygiene authority; only then can the quarantine be ended. For fully vaccinated people who have a Czech vaccination certificate or a certificate accepted by Czech authorities, there is no test or quarantine requirement. All entrants are obliged to register before arrival to the country at https://plf.uzis.cz/.
Before booking your stay and before arrival – please follow the current rules on this website.

Thank you for understanding, we look forward to you!

Issued on December 27th, 2021