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For the 20th time in Spa hotel Behounek

Doctor Nadia Hegazy from Egypt spent her 20th stay with us in May of this year

She learned about Jáchymov from her friend who comes from the Czech Republic and married an Egyptian man. On her recommendation, she came to Jáchymov 20 years ago and started her first stay in the Radium Palace. Then she moved to Běhounek because of capacity reasons. Since then, she has kept coming to us every year and always stays for 21 days. She is so thrilled with the Jáchymov treatment that she recommended it to many of her friends and relatives who came even from the US! “I like to return to the care Dr. Hornátová every year and I swear by her. She always listens carefully and examines me and then custom-tailors a treatment program,” says Ms. Hegazy, adding: “The radon baths are excellent and there is also an excellent individual physiotherapy, but the other treatments are very important for us too. I love exercising in the pool. I think that your physiotherapists do a great job. And what else do I like here? The beautiful surrounding countryside, which is the best prerequisite for a curative stay. I once came to Jáchymov in winter and it was magical,” adds Mrs. Hegazy. “Běhounek is part of my life, and I’ll keep coming back here as long as I can.” And we wish the doctor to keep returning to us for a long time.

Edeltraud Štěpánková, director of the Běhounek Spa Hotel