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EUROPESPA med® Certification

A certification audit of spa services, which focuses on an international comparative assessment of European spa and wellness service providers based on extensive international criteria, has been successfully carried out in Léčebné lázně Jáchymov a.s. between 30 October 2013 to 1 January 2014.
The EUROPESPA med® certificate demonstrates the quality of the spa facility according to the criteria adopted by the European Spas Association and it is valid throughout Europe. Guests, health insurance companies, as well as business partners may therefore better orientate themselves in the offer of European spa facilities.

The certification audit performed at the Jáchymov Spa embraced the following areas:

  • General requirements (prevention)
  • Quality and safety management
  • Medical room
  • Treatment and relaxation area
  • Extraction of healing water
  • Bathing and sauna area
  • Hotel Radium Palace
  • Hotel Akademik Běhounek
  • Catering and kitchen cuisine

Based on the final report, Léčebné lázně Jáchymov a.s. achieved a better result compared to 2010. The certificate is valid until 10 October 2016. Since 2009, EuropeSpa certificates have been acquired by 33 companies in total. The Radium Palace Spa Hotel ranked 3rd at an international level and it was followed by Akademik Běhounek. The difference in the rating of both hotels is negligible. The fulfilment of the strict quality criteria and the trust of our clients is a huge commitment for us.

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