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Ceremonial Opening of the Open-Air Mining Exhibition

In commemoration of the July addition of the Erzgebirge/Krušnohoří Mining Region to the UNESCO World Heritage List, we have prepared another new, now the third consecutive, mining-themed attraction.

On 22 August 2019, the open-air exhibition of original mining equipment from the Svornost Mine was ceremonially opened. The exhibition is located in the mine’s close surroundings (the spa park, the spa amphitheatre, and the Curie Adit), and it depicts the everyday lives of miners, as well as showing the methods of uranium mining. At first glance, you will be intrigued by the traction locomotive with the passenger car chugging out of the adit. Explore the adit, ring the bell, discover the other surprises it harbours, and share a picture with friends. This spot is an ideal photo opportunity.

For your information, the mine train consists of a PPN-IS mine loader, a BND30 locomotive, a JDV 063 small mining car, and a DM12 passenger car.

Concurrently with the ceremonial opening, the film created especially for this event premiered. Shot in the Svornost Mine, it shows how the mine operates, and how radon water makes its way from the well all the way to the spa tubs. This film will be screened regularly at the Radium Cinema.