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Mine themed saunas

Come and visit the unique complex of Mine themed sauna, as there is no such other in Czech Republic. You will find here a steam sauna with the temperature around 50°C and 100% humidity, an infrared-sauna with a salt panel and temperature between 30 and 60°C, a herbal sauna between 50 and 70°C warm, pleasing all your senses with the scent of herbs and natural essential oils. You can improve and stimulate your immune system in the Finnish sauna which is 80 to 100°C hot.

After warming your body up, you should not forget to cool it down. Jump into the cooling pool „Pod Kýšovickým vodopádem” (Under the Kysovice waterfall), or go through the multi-functional shower. In the winter period you can cool yourself on the outdoor terrace and in the herb cooler.

In order to maximize the benefits of the sauna, lay down in our resting rooms and listen to relaxing music or relax in the whirlpool under the sky full of stars. Summer months invite you to the terraces where the barefoot path with the help of natural materials such as cones or tree bark will massage your feet and support your blood circulation. You can also simply enjoy the beauty of the view of the surrounding spa park. Do not forget the drinking regime and visit our Café Vital Agricola!

Salt cave
Café Vital
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