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  • Diseases of Movement System
    • Inflammatory – rheumatoid arthritis, spondylitis, ancylosing spondylitis - Bechterew disease, psoriatic arthropathy
    • Degenerative States – after arthritis or polyarthritis, traumatic conditions following the injuries of locomotor organs, degenerative diseases of extremities, joints and spine, extraarticular rheumatism, Dupuytren contracture
    • System – sclerodermia, system lupus, myositis
    • Other – post-traumatic conditions, condition after orthopaedic and rheuma-orthopaedic surgeries, and surgeries of peripheral nervous system including replacements
  • Peripheral Nervous System Diseases neuralgia, neuritis with any rheumatic diseases, radicular neuralgia of inflammatory and traumatic origin.
  • Metabolic Diseases typically neurithis accompanying diabetes and any joint affection, the disorders of metabolism (gout e. g.)
  • Osteoporosis Programme


  • acute infectional diseases
  • active T.B.
  • severe cardiomalacia
  • acute and subacute psychogenic diseases

Further is the Radon Therapy not suitable for:

  • pregnant women (for them any spa therapy is not suitable)
  • certain restrictions apply for children and the adolescents
  • patients with the Thyroid Gland Hyperfunction
  • patients within 2 years after a tumor surgery or therapy