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It is a specific natural health resource that makes a certain locality a health resort. There are climatic spa resorts, spa resorts with springs of thermal mineral water, mud spa resorts etc. Léčebné lázně Jáchymov a.s. is absolutely unique and different in terms of its natural healing resource. It cures by means of radon water that, unlike other resources, does not have chemical effects, but energetic ones.

A unique source of these natural resources is a mine in Jáchymov, which is still functional, the oldest one in Bohemia and probably also in Europe. It arose in 1518 and there are springs of radon water on its twelfth level, at a depth of 500 m under ground, which are called, for example, after academician Běhounek or Marie Curie – Sklodowska.

Water of these springs is collected in the reservoir on the 12th level and drawn from here to a height of 400 m into a storage reservoir on Barbora level. Radon water is then let down from the reservoir to Daniel level, and there it is conducted in the pipe line in a total length of approximately 3000 m into individual balneological operations.


For millions of years, living beings, including people, developed on earth in the environment that produced more or less ionizing radiation at various stages. Organisms thus had time to develop natural physiological reactions that protect their cells against radioactive damage. They are especially regeneration processes. Even people are thus able to react to a certain extent to ionizing radiation by activation of their regeneration processes, and are able to harden in a way towards both radiation and, generally, towards further physical and chemical damage to cells. Jáchymov balneology utilizes this phenomenon when curing movement diseases in a broad sense. Radon, or 222 radon isotope, is chemically inert gas that rises in the Ore Mountains depths and dissolves in underground springs. It is a resource of soft ionizing alpha radiation. During radon bath skin is exposed to a sort of energetic shower of radon alpha-particles, and thus a chain of physiological reactions is initiated. Radon penetration into blood circulation is minor and the biological half-life (working radon off the body) is 20 minutes (i.e. length of a radon bath itself).


Therapy is the skill at utilizing remedy in optimum quality and quantity. Radon quality is soft alpha radiation; quantity is strength of Jáchymov springs and radon baths dosing proved for centuries. Their remedial extent is 10 to 24 baths with strength of 4,5 – 5,5 kBq, for 20 minutes. The absorbed energy stimulates tissues regeneration and liquidation of harmful oxidative stressors (mostly free radicals from chemicals, from industrially processed products and environment). Creation of hormones, including analgesic, anti-infl ammatory and sex, is increased. All elements of an immune system are activated. These processes are started during the treatment stay and continue as long as about 4 – 6 weeks after the last radon bath. Consequently, in the organism there is a phase of relief of painful and infl ammatory complaints and improvement of function of all movement elements: joints, muscles, ligaments and appropriate vascular and nerves supply. In most cases, relief takes more than half a year, quality of life of chronic patients improves, consumption of painkillers and other medicals decreases.


The majority of people hear about ionizing radiation mostly negative information from media: mass destruction weapons, irradiation sickness etc. Then they connect radiation therapy only with cancer therapy. Ionizing radiation in physician’s hands is less risk than, for example, penicillin. People die to vigorous allergic reaction after penicillin even nowadays. Nobody has died to medical radiation yet. However, every physical therapy should be under medical control, only in such a way a good aspect of this natural energy can be utilized.

Léčebné lázně Jáchymov a.s. is a holder of the Certifi cate of the State Offi ce for Nuclear Safety for this therapy realization and measures concerning absolute safety of both patient and employees. A part of the whole complex of the Jáchymov spa resort is also a dosimeter laboratory, the task of which is supervision of observance of prescribed procedures when drawing radon water as well as providing consequently radon baths in spa resort facilities. Radon content in water and air is monitored and controlled regularly and very thoroughly, and every patient undertakes general clinic and laboratory examination on his/her arrival in the spa sanatorium.

Perhaps the best proof of safety and effectiveness of Jáchymov therapy are our patients who have come over and over again for ten, twenty and, in some cases, even thirty years. Thanks to radon therapy their lives are acceptable despite serious chronic diseases.