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Frequently Asked Questions - Spa Jáchymov

Why is it not possible to take more than 10 radon baths?
Through radon baths there is applied a very small dose of alpha radiation that stimulates physiological, natural, and repair mechanisms in the body. It is more beneficial and safer than using a single higher dose. It is important to let your body regenerate between the individual doses. The number of such small doses is sufficient to see visible results. Thanks to long-term monitoring of the radon therapy effects, there has been determined the minimum number of baths based on the activity of our waters on 10 baths.

How many radon baths can be taken in one year?
The maximum number of radon baths is 24 per year. If there is a break of 10 months between the individual stays, the number of baths can exceed 24. In other words, it is possible to repeat 2 two weak long stays with a break of six months, however, between two and three weak long stay there should be a break of at least 10 months.

What is the process of radon bath?
Radon bath is done in the form of whole body applications in the bathtub. Duration of the bath is 20 minutes, the water temperature is optimally 36 °C. The patient should be at rest while bathing.

Is it possible to take radon baths after oncological diseases?
We do not provide the procedure if the patient suffer from an active malignant cancer and until two years after finishing the oncological treatment (surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, etc.) Exceptionally, radon therapy can be used unless there is a written confirmation from the oncologist.

Does Jáchymov spa offer a drinking procedure or mud baths?
We do not provide a drinking procedure or mud baths since our natural healing source are radon baths in the form of full-body baths.

Brachyradium therapy or "Jáchymov Boxes" - how often this unique treatment can be repeated? What is the process of the treatment?
The so called “Boxes” can be repeated once a year for a particular time. The time is determined by the sum of doses put on the body part over the past 10 years which may not exceed 12 Gy. "Box" - Brachyradium therapy - is a local source of gamma radiation in the form of radio salts. The predominant effect is analgesia, the peak effect is reached after six weeks after application.
It is a one-time procedure lasting 6 hours. The applicator is attached and fixed to the particular place where it remains the whole time. During this time, the patient is in the room designated for the treatment. The condition for undergoing this treatment is a normal blood count, a clear indication, and absence of topical corticosteroids in the irradiated parts two months before and after irradiation. The treatment is ALWAYS recommended by a doctor, the radiation schedule is carried out by the radiotherapeutist.
More about Brachyradium therapy:

Can children be treated in Jáchymov spa?
Children are not treated in Jáchymov, as stated in the contraindications and information materials on the website

Questions regarding diagnoses

I would like to come for radon treatment, but I fear it is not for me due to the diagnoses and the treatment might hurt me.

Diagnosis: Myasthenia Gravis,
Taking medications: metotreksat

Physician’s answer:
Myasthenia gravis is indicated for the radon treatment assuming that disability is in its infancy and the patient is self-sufficient. A general condition for a spa therapy is to be in a stable condition. The mentioned drugs are not an obstacle for undergoing the radon therapy.

We would like to undergo a treatment in Jáchymov. We have psoriasis vulgaris with seasonal fluctuations. Is the treatment appropriate?

Physician’s answer:
Treatment of psoriasis vulgaris with seasonal fluctuations can be treated successfully in Jáchymov. Especially in connection with joint involvement known as psoriatic arthritis, we can expect improvement. In addition to relieving pain and reducing inflammatory activity, we have observed improving the skin findings. Unsuitable are bigger skin lesions especially oozing ones. It always depends on the current general condition and ability to undergo the treatment.

Radon baths are suitable for cardiac patients only conditionally.
We have two clients who would like to join our group and undergo treatments in the spa. The man suffered two heart attacks and the lady has been suffering from a heart condition. Could they undergo radon baths? If not, is there any suitable alternative treatment for them?

Physician’s answer:
Both these clients can take radon baths, but have to be in a stable condition, as everyone else. The case history of a heart attack or weak heart is not a contraindication for radon baths. On the other hand, radon baths are not recommended for heart diseases. In other words, they are not an obstacle, but they are not treated by radon baths.

My wife has a shoulder prosthesis and a friend of mine has placed a stent. Can they undergo radon treatment?

Physician’s answer:
Yes, both can undergo the treatment. In the postoperative period, after prosthesis implantation, radon baths are even recommended within postoperative rehabilitation. The stent itself is not an obstacle for radon baths.

My husband has a pacemaker. Could he undergo radon baths? Are Jáchymov Boxes a possible alternative treatment? Certain procedures such as Magnotherapy are not recommended. Will be these procedures compensated?

Physician’s answer:
Despite pacemaker implantation, radon baths are possible. Jáchymov Boxes are also possible in this case as a complement, not only as an alternative to radon baths. Electrotherapy is contraindicated. But other treatments, especially professionally guided physical therapy, topical application of laser, hydrotherapy, and massage treatments can be undergone and the total number of procedures is not shortened within the treatment program.

Between the years 2002 and 2006 we were your patients.
Since my kidney surgery in 2007 (kidney was removed due to cancer), I have not undergone any treatment. Is still the treatment possible? After the surgery, I underwent radiation, but not chemotherapy. Can you give me some information?

Physician’s answer:
After such a long time, the treatment is possible. The rules for undergoing radon therapy for cancer malignancies are listed in the contraindications and our information materials and website

Do you offer any treatment for muscle imbalance? (Necessary stretching rectus femoris)

Physician’s answer:
Muscle imbalance is a manifestation of the body functional and organic disorders. Correcting and eliminating muscle imbalances is one of the fundamental objectives of each rehabilitative care regardless of place of its provision hence for us too. First, it is necessary to carefully diagnose the extent of imbalance - it is never a handicap of one muscle - to determine possible causes, and with appropriately selected methodology and with the help of an experienced physiotherapist to correct the imbalance and also implement measures to minimize their future occurrence.

I am coming by my own car, is it necessary to book a parking spot in advance? Is the parking lot for free?

As the capacity of the parking lot is limited, we recommend to book a spot in advance. Reservation fee is 120 CZK. For physically challenged persons, we provide a discount.

Do you provide transport from a bus stop or railway station to the hotels?
At scheduled times, you can take a shuttle leaving from a bus stop or the hotels for 15 CZK per ride. Otherwise it is possible to take a spa taxi. 

How much does it cost to transfer to / from Ostrov and Karlovy Vary?
At particular times, we offer transportation from / to the train station in Ostrov for 50 CZK.
Otherwise it is possible to take a spa taxi:
Jáchymov – Ostrov for 250 CZK
Jáchymov – Karlovy Vary for 500 CZK

How does the Radon Spa Club work?

To take a look at a complete summary of the Radon Spa Club go HERE.

Where can I find tips for cultural programs, trips, etc.?
For more information about cultural events and trips go at

Where can I complain about dissatisfaction with services?
Your complain has to be written and as soon as possible submitted to the front desk, hotel staff or management in order to be handled on the spot.

Is Wi-Fi free?
From 1. 1. 2017 Wi-fi connection is available in all spa houses free of charge.

For the latest list of benefits and discounts go HERE

What's the weather in Jáchymov?
The climate in the Jáchymov region is mild with the sub-mountain climate with cold winters and a short, quite warm summer. The Ore Mountains as a whole cause a rain shadow in the area of the Ore Mountains basins, this means that only about 500 mm of precipitation fall in Jáchymov every year. In winter the mountains around Jáchymov are very popular among tourists. The snow cover is up to 4 meters at some places. Sometimes it snows for 100 days a year. Freezing frosts can be seen on the ridges even in June and September.

Are pets allowed in the spa hotels?
In the spa hotels and guesthouses small dogs are allowed only with a prior approval. In the hotel Astoria animals are not allowed. The fee for temporary accommodation of an animal is 350 CZK / day.

Pens for big dog breeds
They are located under the Radium Palace at minigolf. The dimensions of the pens are 3x2m, the floor is wooden, there are two dishes for food and water and a bucket for water. The pens have chains and locks in order to be locked. At night, there are light sensors. The price for using the pen is 100 CZK / day.

What to take with you to the spa?

  • Personal documents, accommodation voucher (the form you received from us when booking a reservation).
  • Swimwear and slippers to the pool, comfortable clothing and leisure shoes, casual clothing to the dining room, slippers for procedures.
  • Towels are not needed, they are standard in the rooms.
  • If you take any medicines, take the necessary amount with you for the duration of your stay.

How big is the pool? Swimming, water temperature?
The Agricola Spa Center has a swimming pool with three 25 m long lanes. Besides, there is a small swimming pool with a water slide, a fitness pool, a whirlpool and a Kneipp path. The usual water temperature is 26 - 30 ˚C.
Relaxation pools are also available in the following hotels Radium Palace, Běhounek, and Curie.