A Therapeutic Speciality of Jáchymov Spa

The foundation stones of treatment at Jáchymov Spa are radon baths.

A one-of-a-kind procedure administered in Jáchymov for more than 90 years is brachyradium therapy (Ra moulage), known as the Jáchymov Boxes.

A groundbreaking medical discovery...

Shortly after radiation had been discovered by Henri Becquerel, it began to be used in medicine. Roentgen rays, for example, have been known to diagnostic medicine for a long time. Today, radiation is mostly associated with radiotherapy of malign tumours, the purpose of which is to destroy malign cells, while causing minimum harm to the surrounding healthy cells. Oncologists were the first to reveal a rather interesting fact, which has been put into practice also in Jáchymov. When a patient with a malign tumour is exposed to a high dose of radiation, the result is not only the destruction of tumour cells but also relief from severe pain caused by the tumour itself. If a considerably lower dose of radiation is applied, no cells are destroyed, yet the pain-relief effect remains. Moreover, low-dose radiation can reduce inflammations. The discovery resulted in the application of low-dose radiation in the treatment of disorders that have nothing in common with malign tumours, in particular, to alleviate chronic pain of the musculoskeletal system. The best known method capable of reducing pain with the aid of radiation is known among patients under its common name – deep X-ray or radiation therapy. This method is also occasionally used as a part of spa treatment in Jáchymov. Nonetheless, very low doses of X-radiation are deployed in this case, namely for the treatment of joint pain. On the other hand, brachyradium therapy applied in Jáchymov is not known as widely, although it is familiar especially to patients suffering from chronic pain of the spine and large joints under its somewhat peculiar name – Jáchymov Boxes.

The world's most unique pain treatment...

The Jáchymov Boxes undoubtedly deserve much more attention. It is a treatment method with an almost 100 year old tradition. It has helped many people who were suffering from chronic pain, back, large joint and spinal pain, arthrosis, osteoporosis, and spinal nerve root disorders, which either did not respond to available medication or which could not be treated with available drugs due to frequent side effects. It has repeatedly aided people in delaying surgical interventions, including those involving large joint endoprosthesis. The treatment is a world rarity and it is only offered in Jáchymov Spa.

How is the procedure performed?

The principle is quite simple. A box, into which a radiofor (a carrier containing the therapeutic radiation dose) is inserted by means of a technical device, is applied to a painful joint, the spine, or a tendon attachment. It is left in place for six hours. The applicator box is designed to avoid any direct contact of the emitter with the skin and the minimum distance is approximately 2 centimetres. This way, any damage to the skin is eliminated. The gentle way in which the radiation is applied is unprecedented. While only the particular area is exposed to radiation, which does not have any effect on the more remote parts of the human body, and the patient's body gradually adapts to the radiation, no negative effects should occur. During the therapy, a specific joint or spinal segment are exposed to radiation for a longer period of time, in a very slow and gentle manner, and after approximately five or six weeks, its results bring pain relief to the patient that lasts for several months and, at the same time, reduce inflammatory reactions that usually accompany painful joints.

Under the supervision of a physician

Clients may undergo the procedure subject to the consent of their physician and its application is supervised by specialists and a radiologist. However, it is not a treatment administered upon the client's wish. The spa physicians are able to bring such relief to their patients that many return to Jáchymov Spa namely because of this old, traditional, yet unique and special treatment of the locomotor treatment, which alleviates various symptoms and concurrently improves the quality of life.


The method is not suitable for pregnant women or for individuals after previous ionising tumour radiation, with implants or damaged skin, more severe blood formation disorders, or within 6 weeks after the local application of corticoids.

From the words of our renowned specialist,
MUDr. Hana Hornátová

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