Spa Visitor Information Center

In the beginning there was just an idea to offer our guests something new. Later the idea changed into a plan and the plan came into reality. From July 1st, 2021 you can visit our new Spa Visitor Information Center.

Visitor Information Center

The center helps all guests with their leisure time, provides information about excursions, points out possible activities and offers an event and program service. Day guests receive information about the spa itself, about the accommodation and catering options as well as tips on where and how they can simply relax here. All necessary information about radon and its use in therapeutic treatment is provided on educational panels.

The visitor information center has been certified.

Sight-seeing miner´s pit Astoria

Get to know the unique pits and shafts of Jáchymov without descending 500 meters below the earth´s surface. Book a guided tour and explore the true copy of a mining corridor of the local still active Svornost mine. Mining equipment, shaft elevator, uranium ore veins, radon water pipeline and stalactites are shown during the tour. You will be provided by a a helmet for the tour. The tour ends with a film "Magical Place Jáchymov", explaining the history of mining, source of the healing radon water and explains the benefits of the treatment that is performed here.

Price list HERE.

More about Radon

Visit the photo corner with a golden bathtub! Take an original photo, learn more about radon baths and their beneficial effects on human body.

Spa Visitor Information Center Jáchymov

T. G. Masaryka 388
362 51 Jáchymov
Tel.: +420 353 831 618
Monday - Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.