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In the first half of October 2007, the two main buildings of the Léčebné lázně Jáchymov passed the prestige certification of the European Association of Spas EurospaMed. The European Association of Spas affiliates a total of 25 national spa associations, which represent 1,200 spa resorts.

In its "Credo" programme, which is the basic starting point for the body of the above-mentioned certification, the Association sets high standards for safety, hygiene and professional competence. To receive the certification it is necessary to fulfil approximately 700 parameters from all spheres of the spa treatment provided. These are derived from the legal and quality requirements of all of the countries having most the advanced spas in Europe. It is gratifying not only that three of the Léčebné lázně Jáchymov facilities were classified among the exclusive company of the 28 certified spa hotels in the entire Europe, but that the best of them was ranked in the third place overall in the evaluation of quality. This certification should be a clear answer to those few foreign authorities and insurance companies that had their doubts about the quality of the spa treatment in the Czech Republic.


Association of accredited spa organizations, founded in 2005 in the Karlovy Vary Region. Nowaday the only certificated spa care in Czech republic.

Medispa it is the only real guarantee for:

  • high qualities of spa care
  • exploiting of the healing natural sources
  • using of high-quality and well-practiced methods of treatment
  • continuing professional and qualititative development
  • general top professional skills
  • high quality of hotel and supplementary services

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